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OCE ColorWave 600 PRINTER + 2 Years Warranty

OCE ColorWave 600 PRINTER + 2 Years Warranty

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OCE ColorWave 600 PRINTER

The 42” wide Océ ColorWave 600 printer is considerably faster than Océ’s other wide-format color printers. With no toner waste and 100% use of Océ TonerPearls cartridges plus printing on regular paper, this color printer is suitable for mid-range volume printing and low production cost. With its six rolls it can do uninterrupted long runs overnight. To avoid stopping in the middle of runs, the Océ ColorWave 600 printer checks if it has sufficient Océ TonerPearls toner prior to each print. If not, it will flag an error and await user assistance to replace an empty or nearly empty cartridge. To make life easy, a toner cartridge can be removed and installed “at will,” meaning that if you have prepared a large run and you are at the low end on one of the cartridges, you can replace that cartridge with a full one, run the job, and then re-insert the nearly empty cartridge to ensure that no toner gets wasted. A little chip in the cartridge ensures that the system always knows what is left in the cartridge for a 100% accurate reading and, of course, no toner waste. Océ has ensured that the four color cartridges can only be inserted in the correct cartridge place holder, so you don’t accidently mix up the colors. As is standard for most printing system, the Océ ColorWave 600 printer supports three different print modes: ƒ Economy ƒ Production ƒ Presentation As the name implies, Economy mode is the fastest, followed by Production and then Presentation. Economy, which is an excellent choice for regular color CAD drawings, provides the fastest color speed at the expense of quality. However, for color CAD it is sufficient. For graphic arts jobs, we noticed that the color seems less bold and less vivid, which is consistent with our expectations. Production mode prints at 600 dpi by 600 dpi and the result is better, and finally Presentation provides the best result. The Océ ColorWave printer is a 600 x 600 optical resolution printer using Océ CrystalPoint Printing Technology. Initially the Océ ColorWave printer takes under 5 minutes to warm up from a cold start. When ready, the first print is out within 16 seconds and subsequent prints can sustain a speed of four ‘D’ per minute, according to our tests. Printing can be initiated through a client computer using the Océ Windows driver, the Océ Publisher Express application, or the Océ Publisher Select application.